University of Mauritius, Mauritius and Global Institutes, Amritsar (India) are jointly organizing "International Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing and Operations Management ISOM-2013", from June 26-28, 2013. Venue for the conference shall be Hotel Le Méridien, Mauritius. The primary goal of the conference is to promote research and developmental activities in Manufacturing Technology and Business Operations within the overall context of achieving sustainability. Another goal is to promote scientific information interchange between researchers, academics, engineers, students, and practitioners working in different parts of the world. The conference will be held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in Production, Industrial, Manufacturing Technologies and related areas.

Papers are invited for ISOM -2013 from the following areas (but not limited to these areas):-

Papers are invited for ISOM -2013 from the following areas (but not limited to these areas):-

Track 1 - Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Track 2 - Conventional Manufacturing Processes

Robotics & Flexible Tooling

Automated Systems


Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems in Manufacturing

Micro/ Nano/Non Conventional Machining

Sensors Actuators & Mechatronics Systems

Precision Engineering

Machine Tool Controls

Metal cutting & Machining

Casting , Forming & Joining Processes

Track 3 - Materials and Metallurgy

Track 4 - Operations Management

Advanced Materials

Polymers and Composites

Surface Treatment


Bio Materials

Production Planning &  Control

Theory of Constraints

Production Scheduling

Optimisation of Production Systems

Human Factor Engineering

Inventory Management System

Track 5 - Quality and Reliability

Track 6 - Management of Systems

Quality Engineering

Quality Management Frameworks and Systems

Lean Manufacturing

Technology Change and Management

Ecology-Driven Manufacturing

Agile Manufacturing

Future Enterprise

Human Recourses and Professional Development

Track 7 - Productivity and Performance Management

Track 8 - Other Allied Topics

Productivity Monitoring and Management

Performance Appraisal Systems


Financial Management of manufacturing Systems


Dr Arvind Bhardwaj

(Conference Chair)
Mobile: +91 9915757930

Dr Dinesh Kumar Hurreeram
(Conference Chair)

Mobile: +230 256 6690

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